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Aug 20

CFO in running for top spot at Sara Lee

Posted by dbedell in UnileverSara LeeEuropean CommissionDealsCFOCareers/Managementantitrust


Marcel Smits, CFO of food products company Sara Lee, is in the running for the top job at the firm after CEO Brenda Barnes announced her resignation last week.

Smits has been building his resume for the permanent post as acting CEO while Barnes was on leave. He took over the responsibilities when Barnes left on medical leave in May—after suffering from a stroke.

Jul 13

Google purchase raises antitrust specter

Posted by dbedell in online travelGoogleFTCExpediaDOJDealscompetitionantitrust


Google’s agreement to buy ITA Software—which supplies technology to power online flight and ticket price searches—has raised concerns over the neutrality of search engines and how, or if, search platforms should be regulated to ensure that neutrality.

The deal—which has a $700 million price-tag—would enable Google to list travel and ticket prices in response to searches, potentially giving it a big toehold in the online travel market. The question, however, is how the addition of new businesses—such as travel booking and other services—that are tertiary to Google’s primary search function are affecting the independence and neutrality of the search engine platform, and at what point fair competition within those industries is affected.

Mar 04

Why huge corporations are bad for the economy

Posted by Ron F in RegulationrecoveryrecessionNew York Fedjoblessnesshiringgrowthfinancial crisisemploymenteconomycompliancecapital expendituresBanksbanking reformbanking industryantitrust

Ron F

There are three pieces in the blogosphere today that touch on the fundamental problem with our economic system and why it will remain in a ditch, or just lurch onward to the next crisis, if it isn't addressed.

And that is monopoly. I'll leave aside the politics of that, which is addressed well enough by Thomas Franks over at the Wall Street Journal. In a nutshell, he warns of a return to feudalism, which I've done as well before.

Feb 25

The insurance antitrust exemption doesn't matter, says GOP

Posted by Ron F in Regulationhealth insurancehealth careCongresscomplianceantitrust

Ron F

While driving around in our latest blizzard just now to secure much-needed cat food before our male pet shuts down my computer, I heard a Republican congressman tell NPR that he voted with most of his colleagues earlier today to repeal the insurance industry's antitrust exemption because it would have no effect.

Now there's a solid rationale for enacting legislation.

Jan 14

The bank tax may not be passed along after all

Posted by Ron F in TaxreformObama AdministrationGeithnerFeesFederal ReservecomplianceBanksantitrustAIG

Ron F

To follow up on a point we made the other day, the tax on big banks that the Obama administration has proposed would be just that: a tax based on asset size that would apply to financial institutions with more than $50 billion in assets that received TARP funds or other federal assistance. And that includes AIG.

But smaller banks that avoided trouble will be exempt from the fee.

Jan 11

The last, best hope for controlling health-care costs

Posted by Ron F in health insurancehealth carecost cuttingantitrust

Ron F

One of the elements of the acrimonious debate over health-care reform that I never understood was the evident sanctity of the exemption from anti-trust laws that exists for insurers.

I mean, I get the debate over the role of government in health care. Certainly there are philosophical reasons for opposing a public option, under which the government would offer a bare-bones plan to a limited number of individuals who couldn't afford private coverage. In theory at least, such a plan might represent the camel's nose under the tent for a larger role in the system for the government. And I understand critics' fears concerning that.

Nov 20

Another step out of the anti-trust woods for Intel

Posted by Ron F in RegulationIntelantitrust

Ron F

Seems to me that Intel's hand may have significantly strengthened by this ombudsman's finding.

Essentially, it sounds as if the European Commission ignored evidence that Intel didn't pay Dell not to use AMD chips.

Nov 04

Would Oracle really walk away from Sun?

Posted by Ron F in RegulationOracleantitrust

Ron F

Surely it comes as no surprise that the European Union's competition commissioner is playing hardball with Larry Ellison.

After all, I'd argue that the EU singlehandedly thwarted Jack Welch's grand strategy to make GE less dependent on financial services when it stopped its acquisition of Honeywell in 2001.

Oct 26

FTC to pursue Intel simply for unfair competition?

Posted by Ron F in RegulationIntelFTCantitrust

Ron F

This Reuters story about the FTC leaning in favor of anti-trust action against Intel is well short of details, not to mention sourcing.

But it's in line with what we reported at our sister site several months ago. Recall that the European Union imposed a record $1.45 billion fine against Intel for paying PC makers rebates if they limited the amount of chips they used from rival AMD, and offering them money to delay or cancel products using those chips. And that led to conjecture that the FTC would follow suit.

Sep 26

Elections have consequences: Here come new merger regs

Posted by kcates in mergersM&AKarl CatesJustice DepartmentFTCcomplianceantitrust


The merger police are back on the beat.

Christine Varney, the assistant attorney general in charge of the antitrust division at the Justice Department, said as much not long after President Obama was inaugurated.

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