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Nov 26

Reporting changes make purchasing cards more appealing

Posted by dbedell in tax filingpurchasing cardp-cardcomplianceaccounts payableA/P1099


In a follow-up to my piece here on tax and accounting changes that are affecting small and medium sized businesses—in particular the potential repeal of the highly-onerous new 1099 filing requirement changes—I am happy to report another development on the 1099 front that will make the job of the A/P department a whole lot easier, and may spark further interest in the use of p-cards (purchasing cards, or procurement cards) for all size of businesses.

Changes under Section 6050W of the Internal Revenue Code now relieve company A/P departments of the requirement to report payments made with a p-card under the rules of 1099 reporting standards.

Nov 18

E-Invoicing still the exception, not the norm

Posted by dbedell in Technologyelectronic invoicinge-invoicingaccounts payable


Trade body the International Accounts Payable Professionals (IAPP) recently released a study on invoicing management at global companies, and found that most companies still have at least some manual aspect to their invoicing process. However most companies do now recognize the value of electronifying and automating invoicing, according to the survey.

It found that 80 percent of companies’ accounts payable (A/P) departments saw the advantage of automating invoices, but they also cited many obstacles in the way of uptake.

Oct 19

Tech Tuesdays (October 19)

Posted by dbedell in web portalTechnologySAPpayrollNational Automated Clearing House AssociationNACHAIT2ITe-invoicingCashBaswareAssociation for Financial ProfessionalsAmerican Payroll AssociationAmerican ExpressAFPaccounts receivableaccounts payable


Global subsea equipment manufacturing and service company DOF Subsea has selected IT2 to provide a centralized treasury management system for the enterprise. The company will make use of IT2’s solutions for cash forecasting; liquidity management; risk management and hedging programs for foreign exchange and interest rate exposures; debt management; and treasury accounting; among other things.

DOF Subsea will access the system through IT2 NET—the system provider’s web portal, and the solution will interface with the company’s counterparties and third-party solution providers—including Nordea Bank, Agresso—for accounting; the Shipnet solution for A/P and A/R management; and Reuters.

May 20

Molson Coors CFO issues warning about outsourcing

Posted by Ron F in TechnologySpendingRiskoutsourcingDealscost reductioncost cuttingCashaccounts payable

Ron F

I'm down at the Hackett Group's best practices conference in Atlanta and just finished a video interview with Stewart Glendinning, CFO of Molson Coors, on the topic of outsourcing.

While the video won't be up for awhile, I can report that Glendinning wowed the crowd of 250 or so finance executives in attendance this morning with a frank keynote address on the subject.

May 19

P-cards need network overhaul

Posted by dbedell in procurementpaymentscash managementCashACHaccounts payable


When choosing a payment method for a transaction, corporate users must consider a number of factors, including ease of use, cost, available data flows from the transaction, and security.

While non-cheque payments account for less than 30 percent of the total payments market, according to research from Aite Group, the benefits of electronic payment methods–and in particular using procurement cards (p-cards)--are clear.

Apr 30

Supply chain integration won’t happen overnight

Posted by dbedell in trade financeSWIFTfinancial supply chainCashaccounts receivableaccounts payable


While there has been a lot of talk about end-to-end financial supply chain solutions, few systems really live up to the hype. Some companies have chosen to cobble together a number of systems, and some banks are partnering with third party providers to provide a complete end-to-end solution for receivables and payables management, payments and financing.

These banks are looking to technology partners to provide the electronification of payables and receivables documentation and information flow, and then the bank provides the payments and settlement piece, plus access to financing for both supply chain finance  programs and trade finance  needs.

Mar 16

Banks soup up payments and invoice management

Posted by dbedell in supply chainpaymentsfinancial supply chainCashbiztechaccounts payable


Paper-based invoicing and payments have long been an albatross for the US corporate banking market. Even when companies wish to move to electronic management of A/P and payments processing, suppliers continue to want or require paper-based solutions.

But banks and other servicers offering best-of-breed systems to their clients – either built in-house or through white label offerings from other providers – are trying to make electronification of the corporate purchase-to-pay and supplier order-to-cash cycles more alluring.

Jan 07

Big companies are the biggest deadbeats

Posted by annearf in Riskaccounts receivableaccounts payable


Who wins the prize for slow payment of bills? Big companies or small fry?

These days, the answer is the former. According to data from credit bureau Experian, large firms are the ones that are more likely to be severely delinquent in paying their bills over the next year. That includes companies with more than 1,000 employees paying their suppliers more than 90 days late.

Oct 16

This shared-services thing may just catch on

Posted by RedConn in shared servicesJohn Goffaccounts payable


Back in the early days of shared services -- back in the primordial ooze of the late 1990s -- finance managers spoke glowingly about the cost-savings from placing scattered back-office functions under one roof.

A decade later, cost reduction remains a prime virtue of consolidated transaction processing. But a new survey reveals that some finance executives see a lot more than savings in shared-services.

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