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Oct 21

A non-IT guide to search engine optimization (SEO)

Posted by dbedell in YahooTechnologySEOsearch engine optimizationITGoogle


Many CFOs and other finance executives may feel that understanding such IT concepts as search engine optimization (SEO) are not in their remit.

However, particularly for smaller companies where job functions may be less-defined or input from senior management is desirable across the whole gamut of business functions, it makes sense to have a basic understanding of the importance of search engine optimization, and also to know how to implement it in any writing, posting, research, and so on that may end up online.

Jan 17

China is a garden; China is a minefield

Posted by kcates in YahooSymantecNorthrup GrunmanJuniper NetworksGoogleDow ChemicalcomplianceChinaAlibabaAdobe Systems


There's actually a book -- I'm not kidding -- called "Doing Business in China for Dummies." 

It's marketed as a "fun and easy way to grow your business in China," which on its face makes it sound a little too fun and easy. Nonetheless, forewarned is forearmed, and one Amazon review of the "Dummies" guide hints at some of the potentially blind hurdles a Western business faces when it goes into the most populous economy in the world: "I highly recommend the chapter on ‘Managing Risks in China.' This chapter explains the importance of understanding the Chinese legal system (or lack thereof); combating bribery and corruption; government relationships; and (my personal favorite) protecting intellectual property in China."

Jan 13

Chinese rain on the cloud-computing parade

Posted by kcates in YahooGooglecomplianceChinacensorshipAlisoft



So Google is finally biting back at the Chinese government hand that feeds. Note that the search-engine gorilla is doing so only after finding out it was violated in a big way this past fall by some person or maybe legions of persons within the Middle Kingdom.

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