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Mar 18

First private lawsuit filed against BofA

Posted by Stephen Taub in Securities and Exchange CommissionsecRakoffMerrill LynchlawsuitsBank of America

Stephen Taub

Besides death and taxes, one thing you can always count on is a lawsuit filed after a governmental regulatory action.

So, surprise, surprise, a major pension fund has filed a lawsuit against Bank of America stemming from its merger with Merrill Lynch.

Mar 06

Mexican stand-off over bad JP Morgan loan is hardly a first

Posted by Ron F in RakoffloansJP Morgan Chasedue diligenceDealscomplianceBanksBanking

Ron F

As bad as this case involving JP Morgan and its Mexican client, Empresas Cablevision, sounded to me when I first read about it last month, I couldn't help but wonder just how unusual it was.

After all, it seemed clear from the coverage that there were some do's and don'ts in "assigning" loans, and that therefore the issue must have come up before.

Feb 09

The CFO Nightmare Before Easter

Posted by kcates in RakoffMerrill LynchKen LewiskcatesJoe PricecomplianceBank of AmericaAndrew Cuomo



As professional horrors go, they probably don't get a whole lot more unsettling than Joe L. Price's.

Sep 21

Moody's may think twice about skipping this hearing

Posted by Ron F in RiskRegulationRakoffObama AdministrationFedCredit RatingsBanksBank of America

Ron F

This move by the New York State insurance department provides more evidence that having regulators compete with each other can have more upside than down.

Remember that some proposals for "reform" have aimed at getting insurance regulation out of the hands of the states and into the hands of the Feds. 

Sep 14

Not on Jed Rakoff's Watch

Posted by kcates in RakoffMerrillKarl CatescomplianceBank of America


Pretty scathing stuff today from Jed Rakoff in his rejection of the Merrill Lynch settlement.  Recall how the SEC had agreed to a $33 million deal in a case alleging that Bank of America and Merrill had not been forthright with shareholders about a plan to pay Merrill executives as much as $5.8 billion in bonuses on the eve of the firm's merger with B of A.

 Well that didn't go over so good. 

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