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Jul 19

US export growth booming

Posted by nicklord in US ExImTaiwanSingaporeMexicoMalaysiaKoreaJapandepartment of Commerceczech republicColombiaChina


CFOs of companies around the world have always looked on exports to the US as the key to their business. The mighty US consumer had an unlimited appetite, paid in dollars and was backed by a strong and vigorous legal system (i.e. you could be sure you got paid).

Countries that have come through the recent global financial crisis better than the rest have been those with strong export machines, such as Germany and China. But it is no longer the US that they are exporting to: it is the fast growing emerging markets that are the destinations of choice.

Jun 14

LatAm eyes US acquisitions

Posted by dbedell in Mexicomergers and acquisitionsM&ALatin AmericaDealsCashBrazil


A number of Latin American companies have been eyeing the US for acquisitions--with some big deals already completed and numerous companies looking to make use of their big balance sheets to buy US assets.

With restructuring and consolidation still the name of the game for many US firms, this could be positive news for US companies looking for buyers of their non-core assets.

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