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May 06

Pension plans move closer to fully funded

Posted by Stephen Taub in Riskpensionspension fundsMercerCashCareers/ManagementBNY Mellon Pension ServicesBNY Mellon Asset Management

Stephen Taub
Corporate pension funds continue to become flusher thanks to the surging stock market.

The funded status of the typical U.S. corporate pension plan in April rose 0.7 percentage points to 89.2 percent, the eighth consecutive month of improvement, according to monthly statistics published by BNY Mellon Asset Management.    

The funding ratio for the typical corporate plan has improved 4.9 percentage points since the beginning of the year.

Jan 10

Roth 401(k) and 403(b) plans slowly gain steam

Posted by Karen1 in MercerHewitt403(b)401k


The slow pace of employer adoption of Roth 401(k) and 403(b) plans appears to be changing. While just under 30 percent of mid- to large-size employers currently offer a Roth, another 25 percent were likely to offer one in 2010, a recent report by Hewitt Associates says.

As their name indicates, Roth 401(k) and 403(b) plans combine features of both Roth and 401(k) retirement savings plans. Plan participants make after-tax contributions to their account; as a result, their distributions in retirement are tax-free. Plan sponsors can match their contributions. Employees at any income level can participate, and the contribution limits are fairly generous -- $16,500 in 2011, plus another $5,500 if the participant is 50 or older.

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