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Feb 05

The financial crisis: a silver lining for IT?

Posted by kcates in TechnologykcatesGartnercomplianceCommerce DepartmentCisco SystemsCelentArmanta


Look around a little bit and you find a horde of anticipation that corporate spending on technology - after a painful slump in 2009 - is destined for a rebound in this New Year, almost 10 percent spent already. Yesterday's banner headline in the WSJ trumpeted the news that Cisco Systems was hiring 3,000 people to keep pace with a surge in demand. The significance of the story came mostly from Cisco's stature as a harbinger of things to come.

That was before the Dow dropped 268 points on fears that the Eurozone is in jeopardy and that the global economy is sicker than the market thought. The jitters of 2008 have not gone away entirely, and one can sense the fragility of this oh-so-delicate recovery (today's unemployment report isn't going to help).

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