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Sep 30

Fixing schools: Key issues most won't address

Posted by Stephen Taub in Waiting for Supermanurban schoolsteacher's unionschoolspublic policyNBCCashCareers/ManagementCalifornia

Stephen Taub

You have to hand it to the teacher's union. It has managed to replace investment bankers as public enemy number one among the populist set.

The release of the movie Waiting for 'Superman' and NBC's week-long ambition to identify and resolve the education crisis in America have thrust into the spotlight the issue of crumbling urban schools and the Obama Administration's un-Democratic Party-like attempt to reform the ways things have operated for the past 80 years.

Aug 20

More trouble for banks

Posted by Ron F in Supreme CourtsecuritizationRiskmortgagesmortgage foreclosuresloan lossescomplianceCitigroupCitiCaliforniaBanksBanking

Ron F

This trend has now reached California, so it's about to become a whole lot more meaningful.

Again, this may be a matter of paperwork, but at minimum, it seems like banks will have to spend time and money straightening out their claims to homes on loans they've securitized.

Jun 08

Facebook controversy heats up California election

Posted by dbedell in YouTubeRegulationprivacyFacebookcampaign financeCaliforniabiztech


The fire being taken by social networking site Facebook over privacy issues has flamed up in the California Attorney General’s election, which is at the polls today. Attorney General candidate Chris Kelly, former Chief Privacy Officer at Facebook, was accused by his main rival in the election—San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris—of illegally using the sale of Facebook stock to finance his campaign and also of helping to develop highly controversial privacy policies on the site.

In the five years since its inception, Facebook has grown phenomenally—now boasting 400 million users worldwide. But in that time, the site has faced its share of criticism—most notably from privacy advocates that are bent on seeing tighter regulatory controls on information sharing for sites like Facebook. Recently, the controversy has revolved around changes to Facebook that set most users’ default privacy settings to public—meaning anyone could access their personal information.

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