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Apr 15

CEO compensation bonanza: It's all about cash

Posted by annearf in paycompensationCEOCareers/Managementbonuses


More data about eye-popping increases in CEO pay for 2010.

According to Carol Bowie, head of compensation policy development at ISS Governance, the most significant factor in that increase was cash pay. ISS did an early analysis of 600 Russell 3000 companies' CEO pay disclosures where the same CEO was in place in 2009 and 2010. And it found that 81 percent of CEOs received cash incentive pay--short-and long-term payouts--in 2010. That's compared to 70 percent in 2009.

Apr 13

Will the SEC update the rules to accommodate crowd-funding?

Posted by annearf in secIn compliancecrowd-funding


Looks like the Securities and Exchange Commission is trying to enter the Internet age.

Specifically SEC Chairman Mary Shapiro recently signaled that she wants to evaluate  the rules for raising money through crowd-funding, making it a more viable source for investment in small business.

Apr 08

Bernanke calls for stricter financial clearinghouse regulation

Posted by annearf in Riskfinancial clearing housesFederal ReserveBen Bernanke


Should there be more stringent risk requirements for financial clearinghouses responsible for payments, securities, and derivatives transactions?

 According to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, the answer is, most definitely yes.

Apr 06

IRS audits of executive compensation: Infractions to avoid

Posted by annearf in TaxIRSexecutive compensationcompliance


With April 15 rearing its ugly head, it seems a good time to consider the Internal Revenue Service's moves to target executive compensation.

Last year, the IRS revealed it was launching a stepped-up effort to investigate executive comp practices.  With that in mind, it looks like there are a number of areas attracting or that are likely to attract IRS attention, according to John Lowell, a compensation expert in Woodstock, Ga.,  and Stephen Saxon, an employee benefits expert with Groom Law Group.

Apr 01

Why executive compensation needs non-financial incentives

Posted by annearf in financial incentivescompensationcareer/management


How to design executive compensation that improves performance without encouraging unethical behavior?

According to Adam Grant and Jitendra Singh, two management professors at the Wharton School of Management, the answer is to include in the mix a hefty portion of non-financial incentives that have a powerful effect on behavior.

Mar 30

Poor manager training, cluelessness could cause employee defections

Posted by annearf in managersemployee loyaltycareer/managementbosses


Are employers especially clueless these days? Or unprepared for the demands of their jobs? A few studies indicate the answer is "yes".

First a study by Harris Interactive for CareerBuilder found that 26 percent of managers say they were unprepared to become bosses. A whopping 58 percent never received any training to help them in the transition. The survey was conducted among 2,482 US employers and 3,910 employees.

Mar 25

Time and technology worry CFOs the most

Posted by annearf in time managementTechnologyfinancial executivesCFOscareer/management


What do CFOs worry about the most?  What's their biggest challenge?

The answer: time management and keeping up with changing technology, according to a study from Robert Half Management Resources.

Mar 23

Costly malicious data breaches on the rise

Posted by annearf in Riskencryptiondata breachescost per compromised record


Malicious or criminal attacks on data are on the rise--and so are their costs.

Those are some of the findings of the 2010 US Cost of a Data Breach study from the Ponemon Institute. The benchmark study looked at the experiences of 51 US companies in 15 industry sectors; it's the sixth annual such survey done by Ponemon.

Mar 18

Do "entrepreneurial" public companies create more jobs?

Posted by annearf in Riskentrepreneurial companiesemployment growthApple


We've heard a lot about how high-growth startups generate more jobs than other small businesses. Now there's evidence so-called entrepreneurial public companies create more employment than other firms of the same size.

The findings are from research by Joel Shulman, an associate professor at Babson College who also runs a newly created mutual fund called EntrepreneurShares Mutual Fund . It invests in 400 companies defined as entrepreneurial according to 15 core factors, including such characteristics as organic growth, an above average ownership stake among key stakeholders, an above average return on investment capital and a long duration of key managers. Companies, which also have a market cap of $200 million and more, range from Apple to Credit Acceptance Corp.

Mar 16

Japan's nuclear disaster puts new spotlight on clean tech

Posted by annearf in Risknuclear powerclean technologyclean tech


The devastating earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear-power disaster in Japan are forcing a new look at the efficacy and safety of nuclear energy. Not so long ago, the Obama administration committed to boosting nuclear power. Now countries like Germany are saying they're reassessing their policies.

The gravity of these issues lends a particular urgency to new findings about venture capital investment in clean technology, as well as the state of the clean energy industry.

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