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TOPIC: Buy Wow Gold 45% Price Off At
Buy Wow Gold 45% Price Off At 4 Years ago Karma: 0  
How much gold does deathwing drop in world of warcraft ? There really is no argument against weapons dropping for class X in a current content raid while a legendary can also be obtained via the same raid for class X. Legendary's are legendary, not everyone gets them.

Shared boss loot staff (censer of purity, admittedly only useful for the hybrid caster dps, boomkin/spriest/ele), shared boss loot 1h caster sword (firethorn mindslicer), beth staff (funeral pyre), rhyolith 1h caster sword (volcano spike) and sho'ravon, and for the boomkins/ele/spriest, ko'gun. this is in addition to the 378 first stage staff for the dragonwrath questline, and later on the 391 version, before the legendary.

Although my second point was addressed to the OP/thread in general, the first was to you, even though you're either a) stupid or misread what I wrote (probably because you took it out of context when quoting, so looked at it and thought.

For rogues in DS? Hagara dagger (4th boss), dagger from deathwing (last boss) - note the deathwing daggers don't have any cool procs, while the other madness weapons do (unlike in FL when casters w/o the legendary weren't missing out on cool proc weapons from rag). these daggers are in addition to the 6 stage 1 and 2 daggers, pre legendary.

Because not everyone did 25 mans, also, because it dropped off of a boss in the first wing, it could be several months before you killed Yogg, and even more before you killed him on hard mode (required for valanyr) and there was no 'stage 1'.

Gernally speaking, deathwing drop about 50K wow gold in world of warcraft ,which contain daggers,staff,guns that can sell for much gold. If you'd like to know more information about wow guide or buy wow gold news,you can click the link and enter .
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