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To get gravestones, completed the Restless Ghost q (1 viewing) (1) Guest

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TOPIC: To get gravestones, completed the Restless Ghost q
To get gravestones, completed the Restless Ghost q 3 Years, 12 Months ago Karma: 0  
The value of an item is decided by the game, not market value. So make sure you check what items will be kept on death. It would be a shame to loose a party hat just because you died. Everyone starts out with a Memorial Plaque as his or her gravestone. This gives you 2 minutes to get back there. There are other Runescape Gravestones that you can get. Free to play members can get a Flag, a Small Gravestone, or an Ornate Gravestone. All of them except the Ornate Gravestone allow you 2 minutes. The Ornate Gravestone will give you 3 minutes.
To get these gravestones you will have to have completed the Restless Ghost quest. After you have completed it, you can talk to Father Aereck in theLumbridgeChurchto get one. If you are a member and have completed The Giant Dwarf quest, you can talk to Blasidar the Sculptor in Keldagrim to get access to even better gravestones. Blasidar’s house is east of the Consortium. 500,000 is a lot of money for a gravestone, isn’t it? If you happen to have one of these Pay to Play gravestones and die in a free to play world, it will still show up! This will make it a lot easier to find your expensive gravestone among those that are made of cheap wood. These gravestones are a great way of showing where you stand in Runescape.
Whether you follow Saradomin, Guthix, Zamorak, Bandos, Armadyl, or even the lesser known gods that were around before the time of Azzanadra, Runescape Gravestones are the perfect way to show loyalty to your god. If you do not follow a god, the Stele or the Font of Life is still very fashionable. Alternatively, if you want to show off your true wealth, the Angel of Death Gravestone is the perfect one for you, though if you’re that rich. May 1st heralds the international celebration of workers around the world. It’s a day when the hours of honest toil and those that do it are recognised by all communities everywhere. If you are wondering to choose a website to buy RS gold, do not hesitate to contact us.
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