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"The corporate brand is not only used to improve competitive positioning and express company aspirations, it can also be a powerful tool to motivate employees."
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Machine-to-Machine Technology

More than 40 years ago, television and movies sparked imaginations with futuristic data recording devices, communicators and interactive holographic rooms— the ultimate virtual reality. Devices once considered science fiction are now becoming an indispensable part of everyday life. Today’s cell phones with GPS tracking and multimedia functions make these fictional communicators seem rudimentary. From vending machines that submit inventory orders to cars that send diagnostic information, technology
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Solutions for Distribution

In the competitive world of distribution, passing your products down the supply chain requires more than transferring goods from suppliers to customers. Fluctuating demand and rising fuel costs make it necessary for distribution companies like yours to know the location and condition of assets, often at a moment’s notice.
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Solutions for Retail

In an era of increased mobility, customers expect access to products and services from anywhere. Retailers like you are looking for ways to increase real-time awareness throughout your supply chain, so you can better manage inventory and meet customer expectations for increased sales opportunities.
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Solutions for Utilities

The era of "smart" utilities demands the reliable, secure and cost-effective flow of data and information throughout your operations and infrastructure. Plus, growing concern for energy efficiency requires innovative grid solutions and better customer engagement.
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