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Feb 22

Finance professionals: Unsafe at any speed?

Posted by annearf in multi-taskjudgesinsurancefinancial professionalsdriverattorneys


We wouldn't want to suggest that you or your colleagues are terrors behind the wheel.  Not executives in your lofty positions.

Then, again, a new study indicates you might not be at your best when at the helm of a car.

A recent survey from looked at the most dangerous drivers by profession. And what do you think made number two on the list? Financial professionals. That's right. You might think you and your brethren are upstanding, responsible citizens.  Perhaps you usually are. But, when it comes to hitting the road, watch out. 

The winner of the gold for this distinction? Attorneys and judges. Apparently, 44 percent of attorneys who received a car insurance quote from had previously filed an accident claim.  (As the press release says, "Why chase ambulances if you can bring them to you?")

 An spokesperson laid the blame on multi-tasking. "Professions that demand multi-tasking--being on the phone, moving fast on a tight schedule--are prone to more distractions and, from there, more accidents," said Sam Belden, vice president, in a press release.

In other words, put down your phone and keep your eyes on the road.

The least dangerous drivers, by the way, were athletes (17 percent) and homemakers (24 percent). Presumably, although homemakers may be the top multi-taskers in the world, they also tend to have their kids with them when they're driving, so they're aware of their precious cargo. As for athletes? Maybe their reflexes are better.

Or maybe they aren't glued to their blackberries 24/7.




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