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Aug 26

Middle managers feel the squeeze

Posted by annearf in middle managerscompaniesC-level executives


In the world of corporate America, middle managers are bearing the brunt of the economic crisis.

So says a study recently conducted by McKinsey examining how corporate directors, C-level executives, and middle managers feel the downturn has affected their professional roles and responsibilities.

For one thing, according to the study, more than half of middle managers have taken on additional responsibilities without being given a new title, compared to 38% of senior managers and 34% of C-level executives. They've also often assumed these extra duties without receiving extra pay.

So, it's not surprising that they're also feeling pretty darn demoralized and stressed out--and looking forward to the day they can leave for more comfortable pastures. Some 27% of middle managers say they find their current roles less meaningful and exciting than their jobs before the crisis vs. 18% of all executives. And 36% are very or extremely likely to choose to be with their current employers two years from now, compared to 52% of all executives.

The implications aren't great for corporate performance now and later when, presumably, the economy will have picked up. With morale in the pits and stress levels in the stratosphere, how on earth can these managers perform at a high level and meet the heavy demands they're facing? How can anyone expect them to make the contributions needed for companies to remain competitive in the current environment?

As for the future, seems businesses can anticipate a stampede for the exit as soon as things start looking up. For that reason, even while they're trying to deal with today's horror show, senior executives might think about how to cultivate  their middle managers now--before it's too late. 



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